Your Health is Your Wealth


  • Feeling Tired?
  • Physically and Mentally Exhausted?
  • Recovering from Illness?
  • Mama K can help!


Mama K’s cold pressed juice will start your day full of nutrients, giving you energy, vitality and a whole lot more AND delivered straight to your door and workplace daily.

“It’s not the juice in your life.
It’s the life in your juice that counts”

Today’s Lifestyle can leaves us tired and lacking in Vitality as our digestive system works tirelessly throughout the day.

Your body needs the necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes of which can all be found in our Raw fruits and vegetables.

Cold pressed juicing is the method of ensuring the safe extraction of these nutrients from raw fruit and vegetables creating a beneficial nutrient packed juice that can be absorbed quickly by our bodies when consumed giving us a boost in health and vitality


Juice Workshops

Select your own fruit and veg and juice up
Learn the health benefits of juicing.



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