Cleanse Programs


1. Tiredness-you don’t know why!

2. Digestive system out of sync-regular elimination is absolutely vital

3. Carrying extra weight

4. Eyes and skin not as bright and clear as can be

5. Brain fog-forgetfulness

Juice detox programmes 1, 3 & 5 day

Who will benefit from this detox?

Mama K helps people to restore balance in their life, feel revitalised, kick start weight loss, get the body they want, recover confidence, feel energised and regain control of their health! Small changes each day create choices for a better, healthier mind and body


Mama K believes in regaining a healthy relationship with your body, and to do this a juice detox can press the reset button which allows you to start afresh, shifting the mind in to a place where you think differently, therefore make better choices for a healthier, happier, more balanced you!

Break bad habits, cleanse your insides and feel healthier.


Depending on what you’re after, there are 3 programmes to select from. The 1, 3 or 5 day detoxes. 

1 day: suggested for newcomers that want to experience a cleanse at entry level for the first time, it’s super easy and we provide all the information and tools to experience juicing without hunger or any side effects giving you support throughout and getting results in just 24hours of feeling happier and more balanced.

3 day: for those with a keen interest in making longer term changes, 3 days help implement good habits moving forward and great results can be had in just 72 hours

5 day: perfect for a full body cleanse, eyes will be brighter, mind will be sharper and you can kick start a complete change in diet/ lifestyle off the back of this maintaining a much healthier more balanced diet. Also weight loss results can be achieved with this programme!

To achieve the maximum results before, during and after your cleanse Mama K recommends the following:

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