1. Optimum means of obtaining daily recommended amounts of fruit and veg

2. Direct shot of vitamins, phytonutrients and enzymes

3. Assists in elimination, toxins stored in fat cells, liver and kidneys-Bye Bye toxic weight

4. Can help with Weight loss-plus reduced cravings

5. Promotes an alkaline physical system (dis-ease thrives in an acidic system

6. Clarity and mood balance

7. Improves complexion and bright eyes (RADIANCE)

8. Increased energy

9. Overall well being

10. Feel good factor

Juice cleanses are an excellent vibrant way to detox safely. Choose a 1, 3 or 5 day Mama K program promoting and helping to eliminate stored toxins. REEBOOT YOUR BODY. We MOT our car……YOUR Body is worth more than your Car

Juice or Smoothie?

Smoothies contain fibre and protein making an ideal choice for mealtime

Juices act as a rapid shot of energy within minutes as the digestive system is largely bypassed


1. Tiredness

2. Digestive system out of sync

3. Carrying extra weight

4. Eyes and skin dull

5. Brain fog

During your detox gentle exercise, yoga, stretching, walking is advised